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Reopening school memo

Dear Parent/Carer,
Re: Parent/ Carer September 2020 School Reopening Guide
I pray you are all well and in good health. By the grace of Allah (SW), it gives me great pleasure to write to you as the new Headteacher and to welcome you all to

what will be a very challenging, and exciting year ahead Insha Allah.
Following the government’s announcement that schools will reopen fully in September, I am writing to share with you the arrangements we have implemented to ensure the safety of all
our staff, pupils and visitors to the school. These arrangements have been put into place following a robust risk assessment process.
We are looking forward to seeing all of our pupils once again, but we would like to reassure you that the health and safety of the school community is our main priority. We will continue
to review the arrangements we have already implemented and update you with any changes as and when we make them, taking into account any worries or concerns that parents may have.
We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back on Monday 14th September 2020
and are working hard to make the school a safe and enjoyable environment. We have carried out a full risk assessment to identify the risks associated with coronavirus specific to
our school and minimised those risks as far as we are able to.
In welcoming all students back this autumn, we will be aiming to minimise the number of contacts that a student has during the school day as part of implementing a number of
‘system of controls’ outlined by the Government to reduce the risk of transmission. We are also contingency planning for the possibility of another local lockdown or a spike in the
future to ensure continuity of alternative education.
This following Parent/Carer school reopening guide details our plans and in particular the system of controls we intend to follow rigorously; ALL staff, students, parents and carers
are expected to adhere to these set of principles to maximise control measures, effectively minimise risks and protect each other.
The document also provides sections on all other areas such as attendance, pastoral support, education/curriculum, remote learning and other pertinent areas for your information.
We are confident that the guide and this correspondence will inform you how we intend to manage risks from coronavirus (COVID-19) and make the school COVID-secure with
measures being put in place to protect everyone.
If you have any concerns, feedback or suggestions, we would be more than happy to incorporate your feedback into our planning. I can assure you that it will be given proper
consideration and feedback. Please feel free to email:

Dr. Abdinasir Mohamed

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