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- Year 7 and 8 Palestine museum and cultural centre. Language exchange and story telling. Next few weeksLast week of term 4 : Year 7 ecology tripDrumming workshops Year 11 and 8 Jurassic Coast trip 

Previous Trips


Year 9 Bristol Museum Trip


Year 9 went on a trip to Bristol Museum as part of their paleo-art project. They examined the bones of extinct animals and the plumage of extant birdlife in order to create to further understand the relationship between dinosaurs and birds. It was a fascinating and enjoyable day and the Museum curators said they would love to have us back again.

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Careers Fair Wed 23th Feb


All of Year 11 and half of Year 10 attended a careers fair over half term. At the event were organisations representing a range of different industries including education health and social care. With their passion, curiosity, and confidence, they did themselves and the school proud. As careers advisor, I received many emails in the following days from professionals our students had connected with at the event, wanting to deliver talks and workshops:

“It was lovely to meet you and your amazing students today, I was very impressed with these young women, they are bright, articulate, motivated and really want to make a positive difference in their community and beyond!... Thanks again for the invitation and for your time today, really looking forward to our visit!”

- Dr Karla Mason Exeter University Researcher in clinical education, Exeter University


Tawfik Masjid and Meadows of Peace Cemetry 


This term Year 10 and Year 11 visited Tawfiq Masjid and Meadows of Peace Cemetery. The girls had a very educational and informative trip about the washing, shrouding and burial rites of the deceased believer. It was a great reminder for them and us that death is a certainty in life and each of us will taste it.