For any issue relating to safeguarding, including concerns regarding your child or another Andalusia student please contact:


Designated Safeguarding Lead  Deputy Designated Safaeguarding Lead Deputy Designated Safaeguarding Lead
Dr Abdirahman Hassan        Mr Khalid Nasseem   Mrs Iman Almaktary


At Andalusia Academy Bristol School, the staff and volunteers are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. We ensure that consistent effective safeguarding procedures are in place to support students, staff and families. All concerns are referred to the members of staff who are trained as "Safeguarding Lead" in the school.


For revelant policies please click below: 

Safeguarding Policy

Anti-Bully Policy

Anti-Radicalisation Policy

Prevent Awareness Policy

Behaviour Policy

If you have any serious concerns about your child or any other student at Andalusia Academy Bristol School please do not hesitate to contact our Safeguarding team detailed above.

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