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Trustees and Governors

The Trustees of Bristol Islamic Schools Trust, which is the proprietor of Andalusia Academy Bristol, include:

Dr Ghassan Nounu - Chair Mr Abdul Wahab MBE - Vice Chair Mr Tariq Khan - Secretary
Mr Tahir Mahmood - Assistant Secretary Mr Nisar Ahmed - Acting Treasurer Mrs Ogasso AbdouRahman
Mr Mukhtar Ahmad Younis Mr Abdus Salam Chowdhury

The trustees appointed a governing body whose task is to hold the school management to account.
This governing body includes the following governors:

Mr AbdulRazak Dahir Mr Mohamed Hassan Dr Ahmad Nounu
Mrs Leyla Khalid Mrs Hanna Miyir Mr Adam Hameed
Dr Marwa AbdelRahman (Chair) Mrs Shamim Sajid

The governing body has to carry out lots of tasks. Therefore there is a need to have more people to join the governing body as governors provided that the person will add value to the existing talents and expertise, and also is willing to commit time and effort on a voluntary capacity.

If you would like to apply please email

Andalusia Academy Bristol is an independent, full-time school registered with the Department for Education. Our school registration number is 801/6130.
BIST is a body registered with the Charity Commission; the charity registration number is 1070273.

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