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Welcome To Primary School

As Assistant Head of Primary, I would like to warmly welcome you to Andalusia Academy. I am extremely proud and excited to lead a highly motivated and dedicated team, that prioritize the well-being of the children whilst being committed to raising standards.


Children in our primary school feel part of a big family and they feel confident to challenge themselves to become independent and motivated learners. Our Islamic environment makes our school unique and we pride ourselves on delivering a balanced curriculum that enables the children to be comfortable with their identity whilst embracing both Islamic and British values.


We pride ourselves on nurturing children, creating positive relationships and developing their Islamic character; incidentally, through Islamic lessons, daily prayer times and learning Arabic and Quran. Here at Andalusia Academy, we are working hard to further develop our curriculum so that we deliver rich, creative, cross-curricular learning. We challenge the children regularly with problem solving and reasoning tasks to help prepare them for their exciting futures that lay ahead and to help them embrace their opportunities.


You will find a welcoming and happy atmosphere here at Andalusia Academy. It is a school that celebrates children’s achievements and our supportive staff, parents and governors work tirelessly to help give the children the best start to their educational career and Islamic and personal life.


Aiesha Hanna

Assistant Headteacher

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