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Welcome from Headteacher


Bissmilah Ar-Rahmani Arrahim (In the Name of Allah, The most Merciful, The most Kind).


By the grace of Alimighty Allah (SW), it gives me great pleasure to write to you as the new Headteacher and to welcome you all to what will be a very challenging, and exciting year ahead In sha Allah (by the will of Allah).


I have been a Headteacher for number of years and have experience of school leadership in a range of contexts. This includes executive headship and leading a leadership of Islamic school governing board. In addition, I have supported other schools in challenging circumstances. I have developed a range of tools to strengthen the systems leadership of teaching and learning as part of school development.


I am passionate about education and believe that all young people should be inspired to develop their talents and skills; to be challenged to strive to be the best they can be, but above all develop a thirst for learning that will stay with them throughout their lives. 


As headteacher, engaging with parents in school improvement can help our school fulfil its improvement drive. Being aware of and acting on the feedback and concerns of parents gives me the opportunity to drive the change they want to see for their children, creating a sense of shared ownership of the school’s vision.


Dr Abdinasir Mohamed



Andalusia Academy Bristol is an independent, full-time school registered with the the Department for Education. Our school registration number is 801/6130. The proprietor of the school, BIST, is registered with the Charity Commission; the charity registration number is 1070273.

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