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At AAB we are very proud of our student's post Secondary school achievements. We would like to share these here with you and their thoughts on attending AAB...

Marwa Ben KhoudWent on to study Accountancy and Finance at Anglia Ruskin University.

At Andalusia there is a lot of one-to-one. They make it seem like you matter. They really care about you. The quality of teaching is amazing - even if you don't pay attention, you do well! It's more like a family than a school.

Nadia R. SimpsonWent on to study Law at Middlesex University

Andalusia was so great because it was small when I was there and I felt like I was in a class with my sisters! I really miss the environment there and the teachers!

Nada TawfeekWent on to become a radio presenter on Plains FM in New Zealand on a show called Ummah Town. She studied Art and Design at The College of Art and Design in Christchurch New Zealand and then started Psychology at the University of Canterbury but transferred to Adelaide University in Australia.

One of my favourite memories to look back on was my time at Andalusia, an extremely friendly and safe environment that felt like a family. I enjoyed learning and made friends that I am still closer to today. I also miss all my teachers!

Kaltuun MirrehWent to study Mental Health Nursing at UWE. She has Co-managed African Week at the University showcasing African Culture.

Andalusia? That's where I learnt about Islam. That's where the seed of Islam was planted in my heart.

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